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Our company, N.G.med - specializes in developing and manufacturing of innovative medical devices.                                 

Our company in collaboration with its’ research and scientific team, has manufactured our innovative products for neurosurgery:

A: Talos Therapy System
B: Talos D.B.S.


Talos is a useful tool for closing the burr holes that have been done to the patients' skull after trepanning procedures.

It is a safe solution of making two level holes in the skull. It is the only product that provides 100% effective result on restoration with 0% rejections.


Useful information:


Talos Therapy System 


- is used in neurosurgical procedures for  for the healing of trephination burr with safety and efficiency providing excellent results.
- it can also be used in reconstructive surgery for the repair of scars from previous surgeries.


Talos Milling

- does not require any additional equipment as it applies to all craniotomy devices

- is patented for 25 years
- is sterilized by gamma radiation

- has obtained CE MARK certificate



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Watch videos form the operation room where our medical team has used the TALOS SYSTEM in neurosurgical procedures very effectively.

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