Company Profile


Our purpose is to support the scientific research of specialized scientists both in Greece and abroad and to discover, evolve, develop and make available to the healthcare sector innovative products useful to the user that help and cure diseases, reduce recovery time, soften the pain and improve the quality of life.


We discover, develop and evolve specialized innovative products that we make available in the global healthcare market. We create trustful relationships with health factors, users and patients; we support research and have strong partnerships with scientists in the medical and academic field.


Business ethics

We work with absolute responsibility, honesty and transparency. Our products improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings. We support our position in the market based on the moral values, we collaborate with the society and the state and we strictly abide by the established rules of ethics, we have ongoing partnerships with respect to all our research activities and business practices.


Security products

Our first priority is the safety of the patient and the user. We provide safe and specialized products of high quality. The design, creation, evolution and development of our products are based on years of research and clinical trials.


Clinical Studies

We work with academic communities and support the research and the clinical studies that try to answer to the scientific needs and questions so that we come up with the best and most advanced ways of coping with diseases.


The Clinical studies are conducted in University Hospitals in order to be decided if a new product is necessary, safe and effective in humans. Based on patients who volunteer to participate and try each new specialized and innovative product. Some of these products have not yet received the necessary certificates of approval from the competent committees and health authorities. Sometimes, specialized products already existing in the market are tested on new diseases for additional information. Most clinical studies involving the testing of a new innovative specialized product follow a specific series of steps, called Phases.

This process allows researchers to ask and answer questions in a way that leads to reliable information about the product and safety of patients. Clinical studies are usually classified into four Phases:


In Phase I studies,

researchers are testing the new specialized innovative product in a small number of people (20-80) to evaluate safety, determine a safe range, and identify side effects.


In Phase II studies,

the new specialized innovative product is tested on a larger group of people (100-300) to determine the efficacy and to further evaluate safety.


In Phase III studies,

the new specialized innovative product studied, is administered to large groups of people (1000-3000) so that effectiveness is confirmed and the side effects are monitored. A comparison with the existing treatments is also made for the collection of information that will allow the safe use of the product.


In Phase IV studies

(Postoperative studies) relating with new specialized innovative products that have already been released in the market, additional information regarding the risks, benefits and optimal use are recorded. The success of clinical trials depends on the voluntary participation of patients. Patients who participate in clinical trials have an active role in their care; they gain access to new treatments before they are widely available, and help others by participating in medical research. Clinical studies are conducted in accordance with the legislative framework of each country. N.G. MED supports and conducts a large number of clinical studies for a series of innovative products in the field of health.


Our staff, our partners

The company's human resources and our direct partners constitute the base of the company, the driving force of our development and success. We base the policy of development and sales on constant values ‚Äč‚Äčover the world market like consistency, honesty, ethics, sincerity and respect for both the user and the final recipient. We create for our partners a modern, safe, healthy, in accordance with all the international environmental standards and a pleasant and creative workplace that meets the innovation of our company at all levels and the productivity of our staff is rewarded with benefits. We support the knowledge of staff with continuing education seminars and offer loyalty benefits to employees as well as additional social benefits.